Check Out this 12-point Checklist Before Buying a Car

After buying a house, purchasing a car is probably the second largest investment that most people make in their lives. When shopping for a house, you have a written or an unwritten checklist of what you exactly want, such as the type of neighbourhood, size of the house, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and so on. The same thing applies when you are buying a car. Preparing a checklist before buying a car will help you to understand your budget, what exactly you want in the car and how much you can afford in terms of the payment.

Here are 12 points to help you get started, if you are planning to buy a car

  1. You have to decide on the kind of vehicle you are looking for – a minivan, SUV or a small car. Considering your family size can help you to decide upon its size and model.
  2. Once you have decided upon the kind of car you want, you can look up the Internet for the pricing information, reviews and dealer recommendations.
  3. Analyse your finances and make a car-buying budget. Your budget is going to be your income minus your expenses and savings. It is very crucial to create a budget to prevent yourself from overspending.
  4. If you have an old car, find out its trade-in value or you may also look for scrap car buyers and sell it for a good price.
  5. Do you require a loan to purchase the car? This is one of the most important questions to ask, when preparing a checklist before buying a car. Find out your credit score to know, if you are eligible for a loan and if you are, try to get a pre-approved loan for a new or used vehicle.
  6. When you are at the dealership, do not forget to go for a test drive.
  7. During test drive, check if the seats are comfortable, the leg space is adequate, mirrors and seats are easy to adjust, and so on.
  8. Check if all the amenities and accessories of the vehicle work, such as navigation device, air conditioning, stereo, etc.
  9. Take your time during test drive and be very careful about the working of the brakes and power steering. Also, take note of the handling of the vehicle.
  10. Do not forget to check under the hood. If you have trouble understanding, ask the salesman to point out the oil dipstick, where the oil is added and ask if the battery is easily accessible.
  11. Check out the cargo space and see if it is spacious enough to fit in your special requirements, such as a toddler’s playpen or golf clubs.
  12. If you are fully satisfied, close the deal and take home your new car.

Having a checklist before buying a car is critical for making an informed purchasing decision. There is no point test driving sedans, when you want a SUV. By preparing a checklist, you will be able to stay within your budget, get the car you want and save your precious time. If you want to sell your car then why not call Sydney car buyer to get cash for cars up to $12,000.