Sell my truck for cash

Sell Old Truck For Cash

Unbeatable cash offer for your scrap trucks in Sydney

Sydney Car Buyer is now buying unwanted or scrap trucks for instant cash without any hassle same day.

Do you have an old truck that you are trying to sell without any hangups? If so, we have a number of great things for you to consider when it comes to getting it sold off properly.

At Sydney car buyer we buy your unwanted, old, scrap, damaged, used or junk truck for up to $12,000 that is paid during the removal.

Now you can easily “sell your truck for cash” in Sydney without any hassle by calling us on: 0459 594 949

Selling your truck for cash is much easier when you deal with Sydney Car Buyer. We offer our cash for truck service to all Sydney regions. Our goal is to provide you with a simple setup that is easy to follow and not all that complicated or otherwise challenging to manage. This works well regardless of the particular kind of truck that you have to sell off for any reason you hold.

Send Us Your Data

You can start by sending us your information on what your car is like. This includes information on the type of truck, make, model, age, milage condition and where it is located. We need this information so we will have a clear idea of what to expect when we get to your property.

Let Us Check the Truck

We will then take a closer look at your truck. The truck that you have will certainly have to be reviewed based on what it has.

We determine the value of your truck based on what we can sell off. Sometimes we can get loads of money off of it by selling off plenty of functional parts or scrap metals. We may even sell the entire car in general in the event that it is perfectly functional. Either way, we will look into many factors to see what we can get out of your truck.

We will pay up to $12,000 for your truck. The value will vary depending on the type of truck that you have and what parts are fully functional. This is a non-binding agreement with no commitment needed. In other words, you have the right to look around to see if our offer is the best one for you or if you’d rather go elsewhere with it.

What If You Agree?

If you agree upon the offer we made on your truck, you will be paid in cash on the spot. We will ensure that you are paid properly for your vehicle.

Our service will look into everything relating to your vehicle and ensure that you get the most out of it. In fact, we will even tow the truck from your property for free. We have plenty of trucks to help take care of this part of the process.

A Simple Solution

Our service is impressive in that you don’t have to worry about having your vehicle monitored or reviewed for whatever reason. We will provide you with an offer for your truck no matter what type of truck it is. We look at trucks new and old including ones that no longer work for whatever reason. We even buy old or unwanted cars for cash in Sydney click here to find out more about our cash for cars service.

Contact us at Sydney Car Buyer if you need assistance with getting your truck sold off. Whether it entails a traditional pickup truck or it is a much larger truck used for industrial purposes, we will take a look at your vehicle and give you a fair off that you could accept today.