Easy Car Inspection For Your Used Cars

Forget the long wait times and unreliable car wreckers to conduct used car inspections. At Sydney Car Buyers our priority is you and your time. While others might make you wait, we are ready to not only conduct instant car inspection but also take your old unwanted car off your hands whenever you are.

  • Same-Day Car Inspections
  • Quick Car Removals
  • Fair Cash For Car Service
  • Efficiency and Convenience
  • Sydney Wide Service

Same-Day Car Inspections

When trying to sell your car we know that time is of the essence. Placing a call Sydney Car Buyer, you can be assured that you will not have to wait for days on end to get started on your car inspection. We are by all means happy to arrange for a car inspection on the very same day or at a time of your convenience. Above all, we are committed to catering to your particular needs, which is why our in-house team of experts will reach you at any time.

Contact Us Today

Simply give us a call at 0459 594 949 to get your car inspected today.

You can also reach out to us by filling out an online form and one of our trained customer care representatives will get in touch with you with further details. Our team will additionally assist you with:

  • Generating instant quotes
  • Scheduling car removals
  • Arranging necessary paperwork

*Another key point to remember is that accurate information provided during the call will reflect in the generation of the quote.

Quick Car Inspection and Removals

Selling your car is a difficult enough process, at this point we don’t want you to go through the trouble of having to deal with getting rid of it too. Once you have sold your car to us, we arrange for instant car inspections and car removals. Getting your car removed doesn’t get easier than this.

1. Give us a call or submit an online enquiry form to get an instant quote.

2. Accept the quote and we will straightaway arrange for removal on the very same day.

3. After a simple car inspection and some paperwork formalities, we will then be on our way.

You can also set aside your overall concerns about the car’s condition or location since our retrieval experts will remove your car in any condition from anywhere.

Fair Cash For Car Service

A fair price on an old car is hard to come by but compared to others, you can expect the unexpected with Sydney Car Buyer. We are a strongly customer oriented company and believe in offering our customers the price they deserve after a quick car inspection.

We offer up to $12,000 for your old unwanted car

Other Benefits Include

💵On-Spot Payments
✅FREE Car Inspection and Removal

🕛Convenient Bank Transfers

📋Paperwork Assistance

🤚Top Price Guarantee

💯 100% Customer Satisfaction Promise

Efficient and Convenient Car Inspections

As Sydney’s leading cash for cars service, our mantra through the years is in particular convenience and efficiency. These are a part of the Sydney Car Buyer guarantee. We aim to provide the most convenient car selling experience with our unmatched speed and efficiency when it comes to car inspections and every other associated service.

To help us facilitate that for you please keep in mind to:

Provide accurate details

Please provide accurate information about the make model and condition of your car when you connect with us, so we can generate an accurate quote and quick payments.

Furnish valid documents

Please provide all necessary registration details and share a valid ID during the car inspection process to make the verification process easier.

Share the exact location

Please provide the exact location of your car and the spare key to the vehicle so we can arrange as the specialized retrieval equipment maybe equally necessary to simplify the collection.

Sydney-Wide Service

Sydney Car Buyer is the end to your search for reliable cash for car services near you. We are proud to provide our service across Sydney and surrounding areas.

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