Sell My Car Sydney

We at Sydney car buyer will take away the hassle of selling your car privately and for cheap prices. When using our sell my car service we assure that you receive top cash of up to $12,000 on the spot with all the required paperwork completed.

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We are willing to purchase all types of vehicles including small cars to truck, van, ute, suv and much more. Avoid the hassle of selling your car privately, choose us as we are professionals and expert car buyer that will come to you and buy it instantly for up to $12,000 as it is and in any suburbs of Sydney. We pay as much as possible and it doesn’t have to be in a clean or neat condition.

Selling Car For Cash Made EASY

Most people spends a lot of time and money selling on website like but it is often difficult. Strangers coming to your home for the inspection will make you feel uncomfortable that is why Sydney car buyer is here to buy your car for instant cash. The benefits you will receive is because we are will known established company offering auto buying service to all Sydney region. At Sydney car buyer we will definitely come over to your place to pick over your vehicle for free. Our team will prepare the necessary paperwork at no extra cost.

We even pay good price for new vehicles. We are famous for paying our customers the quoted amount and never indulge in last minute irritating negotiations. All our customers are satisfied with the service. Dealing with a licensed car buyer you will have all the paperwork completed legally and no time wasting, that why choosing Sydney car buyer is the right option for you.

Sell Car at Sydney Car Buyer

Sell your car without any stress

There are many reasons why we can offer the best price for your vehicle. We have many branches in Sydney and can buy your car on the spot from any suburb. You can sell your old or damaged car regardless of its make or model. That why you will top cash for your car because we can use your vehicle in many ways.

Fast and Full payment same day

Sell your car for top cash on the spot with free towing from your premises. At Sydney car buyer the only method we use is cash in hand. We pay you the cash amount quoted when we pick up the car. The team is expert and highly professional and we will make sure your 100% satisfied before leaving. We can also do bank transfer but ask us about it first.

You will get the cash with no hassle at all.

Sell your car for cash

Vehicles with owing finance

Please be advised we don’t buy cars that are still on finance. To avoid the hassle makes sure the finance has been cleared before you can sell your car.

Requirements for the seller

The sellers please be advised that when selling car to us we have requirements from you in order to go ahead with the transaction. We will need your drivers licence, the keys for the vehicle and proof of ownership. We need the owner to be present when we buy the car. You cannot sell a car on behalf of someone else.

How our sell my car service works?

When you want your car removed from your office or home in Sydney, we will quickly send over a team to your place at an agreed time. Our USP is that we always arrive on time and can even come over on weekends. We’re adjustable.

You can get a free quote online over phone or submit online enquiry. The process is simple as you just have to apprise us about your vehicle’s condition, make, model and registration details. Once you have the quote, you can either accept it or reject it. If you accept our offer, we can send over a tow truck to your place at a convenient time to pick up your vehicle. This service offered by our sell my car service is completely free. So you can call us anytime!

Unwanted Car Removal

No matter what the make or model of your junk vehicle, we can definitely remove it for free. No matter your car is dinged, its engine is torn out, rusted or is still in mint condition, we can ensure its speedy same day removal. We can even come on weekends to clean up your property. We even offer great prices if you want to sell your fleet of old trucks. We won’t charge any towing fee and will also guide you on exact way to hand over your license plates to the government authorities. So when you want to sell my car remember us. We’re the guys that can come to your rescue.

Why Choose Our Service?

  • We ensure fast removals
  • We pay you up to $12,000 for your vehicle
  • Offer service in all Sydney suburbs
  • Pay you the quoted amount on the spot
  • Offer completely free towing
  • Licensed and insured car buyer

We have multiple scrap yards spread across the city and our auto dismantlers break down the vehicles and remove usable spare parts. Rest of the stuff recycled. This way, we earn more and so we pay more. All our processes are eco-friendly and we are helping the planet stay green.

How to Sell Your Car

Selling your car is very easy when you choosing Sydney car buyer. You will have no headache and no time wasting. 100% satisfaction is what we aim for our customers and with highly experienced team we can guarantee. Using our sell my car service is very easy in just 3 easy steps.

  1. Call us for a free quote over the  phone or email
  2. If you accept the offer
  3. We pay cash same day and tow it to one of our branch

If your after fast cash for your car then give us a call now and we will be at your door same day at your convenient, When we make a booking we will be there without wasting your time.

We ensure all requirements have been met legally before purchasing your car.