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Before you sell your Mercedes Benz, you need to get an accurate evaluation and this can be hard to come by. However, this is exactly where you can get started with us:

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At Sydney car buyer selling your Mercedes-benz is not an issue, We specialise in purchasing all type of cars including Mercedes for top cash. Our team comes to you & buys your car at unbeatable cash offer. We take care of towing, paperwork and payment. Whether your car is running or not, Damaged or working, Old or late models we offer top cash instantly.


Get the Expert Opinion On Selling Your Mercedes Benz

As the city’s premier cash for cars and car removal service, customers choose us over and over again because we provide our valuations are:

  • FREE
  • Accurate
  • Non-Obligatory
  • Quick

We have long been committed to providing nothing but the best to our beloved customers. We take pride in a 100% satisfied customer base and in order to get there we feature:

An Expert Team

Our team automobile experts and an experienced team of drivers undoubtedly add the professional touch. Our customer service representatives are also equally genial and efficient.

Easy To Access Estimations

You can get our expert evaluation with a simple phone call. We also provide our services across Sydney and all surrounding regions.

Transparent Process

We examine the details of your car and provide an accurate quote. Thereupon, you can ask any questions you have about the valuation process.

Convenient As Ever Service

We simplify things for you, our knowledge is provided to you completely FREE of charge. Additionally all quotes are generated within minutes.

Wondering what your BMW is worth? That is a good question to ponder about before you sell your BMW. Our valuation process will alleviate the worries and get started on the sale.

Sell Your Mercedes Benz The Easy Way

The quotes we generate take into account the best of the market conditions and the necessary details about your car including the make, model and the condition of the car. As long as you share the details as accurately as possible, the quote will be accurate. If you are happy with that quote, you can sell your Mercedes Benz to us in a few simple steps.

1. Schedule Pick-Up

We can schedule the pickup on the very same day, we offer same-day car removals across Sydney and surrounding regions. We are however flexible and we can schedule it at a day and time of your convenience.

2. Inspection and Payment

After we arrive at your doorstep, we conduct a simple inspection process and then move on to signing the paperwork. We take care of the paperwork, after which we offer you the payment as quoted.

3. Car Removal

We offer payment via bank transfer, that will reach you in 24 hours. We will remove the car from any location no matter what condition it is in. Our retrieval experts have been trained to remove cars from anywhere in no time.

Our cash for car and car removal services have been used by a number of customers for:


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