Find the Best Price When You Sell Your BMW

Before you sell your BMW, you need to know that every BMW is different. When you sell your BMW, the price it will command is dependent on a number of factors. As a layman, it might be hard to understand what these factors are. This is where experts like Sydney Car Buyer can help you out.

We can offer cash for BMW vehicles upto $12,000 with free towing.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Quotes generated FREE of charge
  • Valuations are provided quickly
  • Transparent expert led process
  • Accurate industry reflective quote


How To Get An Accurate Quote When You Sell Your BMW

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Get the Expert Opinion Before You Sell Your BMW

When you make the decision to sell your BMW, a good place to start is securing a valuation. An accurate valuation will give you an edge with future negotiations, fielding lowballers and turning a profit. This is where industry led experts like Sydney Car Buyer can help you. As the city’s premium cash for cars and car removal services, our know-how will help you get:

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Our deep knowledge of the market helps provide exact quotes.


As a company we are committed to getting a fair deal for our customers whether they choose to sell with us or not. Our quotes are reflective of the best of market conditions and we will be unable to assure that you will receive the same price from another source.

Sell Your Old BMW For a Profit

If you are happy with the quote we have provided, we can arrange for the next steps.

Here are the steps that will follow:

  1. After you accept the quote, we can schedule pick-up on the very same day or on a time and day of your convenience.
  2. Our experienced team of drivers will reach you anywhere in Sydney and surrounding regions on the same day.
  3. We will conduct a quick inspection after which we will offer the amount mentioned on the quote on the spot. This is done via bank transfers and should reach you within 24 hours.
  4. After this we will remove the car from your premises. The condition and the location is not an issue for our team of experts.


When you choose us, you get:



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