Things To Know Before Selling a Car

It is not easy to find a Sydney car buyer that will pay the price you have put for your car. Most people will try to lowball and pay the least amount possible. To eliminate that kind of people, there are some things to know before selling a car. In this article, we will point out them and here you find the right Sydney car buyer.

Are you actually going to sell the car? Then the car must be made ready for sale so that the next owner can enjoy it again.

Because you do not sell a car every day, we are happy to help you with some extra information that can come in handy. Often certain things are forgotten which you better have arranged well in advance. This often prevents a lot of stress. Read all the tips below quickly.

Personal possessions

Remove all personal belongings from the car. Look in all compartments, in the glove compartment, under the seats and even in the trunk. Selling last minute can cause your thought to be somewhere else and you may forget something. Also look in the door pockets and in the pockets located on the back of the front seats.

A small object can also get lost in the cracks in the back seat or front seats. Once the car is sold, you will never see them again and that would be a shame.

Things that come with the car

Are all things included in the car up for sale? Think of the spare wheel and the tools you need to change the spare wheel. Sometimes there is also a jack with the car. Make sure everything is complete.

Perhaps there is still something in the shed? The maintenance booklets and the user manual also belong to the car. If you do not have this, it is a pity, but it can often have an added value in car sales. Most cars have 2 keys, do you still have both?

Maintenance history such as invoices for repairs and work on the car can also have added value. This allows the buyer to see what has been replaced and checked. Often there is a date and mileage on this. If you don’t have them anymore, it might be a good idea to keep them with the papers in the car in the future. This way you always have everything at hand.

Sell ​​car to a private individual

If you are going to sell the car to a private person, it is desirable to deliver the car neat and clean. Preferably wash the car in an automatic car wash. Choose a gloss program to make the car shine again. Most car washes also have vacuum cleaners that are often free to use.

Remove the mats from the car and vacuum them outside the car. Before you put them back in the car, it is best to vacuum the place where the car mats are located.

Don’t forget to take care of the trunk as well. It will not affect the value much but will make you and the new buyer feel positive. The ashtray, if used, must also be completely clean. This also prevents cigarette air from spreading in the vehicle.

Clean the windows from the inside and the inside with glass spray or soapy water with a little bit of detergent. Your windows will shine again, making the car look just a bit new and more beautiful. Finally, hang a fragrance freshener in it. A car that smells nice also gives a nice feeling.

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