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Sell your car to a reputable car buyer that will pay you the right kind of cash for your used car. Sell your car to Sydney Car Buyer. We don’t mind if it is in used, old, scrap or accident condition. We’ll pay you up to $12,000 cash.

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Sell car for cash companies in Sydney like Sydney Car Buyer offer vehicle owners a way to get rid of their used, scrap, accident or damaged car hassle free. Our trained car experts offer cash for your vehicle. We are willing to pay vehicle owners the price they want on their unwanted car. The process requires only the effort of calling us for a cash quote, accepting the offer and removing the plates to your vehicle. We everything else necessary:

  • Provide the paperwork
  • Load and transport the vehicle
  • ay instant cash

Our sell car for cash experts is the best trained in the business and offer sheer luxury in selling your unwanted car.

Scrap Car Disposals Sydney

Thousands upon thousands of scrap vehicles end up in landfills yearly. Sydney Car Buyer does with tossing your vehicle into a landfill where you’ll get no value and damage the environment. We recycle vehicles to resell and reuse the parts and metals of the vehicle. It is our eco-friendly process in car recycling that puts up to $12,000 cash in the hands of vehicle owners, as well as peace of mind that their junk car won’t be damaging Mother Earth.

Free Car Removals

Whether you intend to sell your vehicle for cash or simply have someone tow it away, we offer both. Our car removals are always free, and we always pay cash. We collect vehicles in all suburbs of Sydney at the time the vehicle owner arranges.

When you can’t find a buyer, or don’t want to pay to have your vehicle removed, or simply want a good price on your vehicle, give us a call.

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For the best in car removal services, and to sell car for cash that is good cash, give Sydney Car Buyer a call.

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We buy cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, utes, buses, 4WDs, and bikes for up to $12,000 cash.